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Getting to Know… Digit

Digit is our sweet barn cat. He plays a large role here on the farm. His job is to keep rodents out of the feed and hay. This not only saves us money, because we are not having to replace feed that has been spoiled, but it protects the health of the entire herd. Rodents carry parasites and diseases that can affect the other animals. I cannot express enough Digit’s importance. We got Digit for this purpose, and he does his job extremely well, but he is so much more than just a rodent hunter. Digit has somehow become the watch dog of the property. He feels that it is his job to keep dogs out of the yard. We have witnessed him attacking strange dogs on more than one occasion. He has sent quite a few of them out of the yard yelping with their tail between their legs. This little fact might make him sound like a mean cat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Digit is an amazing companion. He loves to be held and loved on. He is incredibly sweet and is extremely loved!

Digit from The Freckled Farm

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