What’s in our Soap Dish – December

So this is it! This is the last peek into our soap dish and if you have been reading the blog and watching our social media accounts you shouldn’t be surprised by what we use this time of year! What’s in our soap dish in December?…

Winter Goat Milk Soap

You better believe we use our Winter Goat Milk Soap in December! It’s a big treat when this soap comes around. It’s wildly popular and doesn’t last very long, so when we have it I enjoy it! It smells just like how you would expect winter to smell and the ginger essential oil gives it a wonderful warming effect. It’s the perfect bar of soap!

Find our Winter Goat Milk Soap Here

What’s in our Soap Dish – November

November is usually the month we start using the wood stove to heat the house. We don’t have a fire going all day every day yet, like it will be in January and February, but it still gets a decent amount of use. This means the air in the house tends to be on the drier side and it dries out our skin. So what soap do we use in November…

Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap

Like with our Castile Goat Milk Soap, which was in our soap dish back in January to help us deal with dry skin, our Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap is a great soap to moisture your dry skin during the winter months. This really comes in handy for me this time of year when my skin starts to react to the humidity and weather changes.

Find our Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap Here

What’s in our Soap Dish – October

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The air is crisp, the temperature is perfect and our Fall Goat Milk Soap has recently returned. So, this time of year that’s what we are using…

Fall Goat Milk Soap

Our Fall Goat Milk Soap smells exactly how you would expect fall to smell. It has a crisp, warm scent that really sets this amazing season off right! The orange clove scent of this soap makes me happy and brings about wonderful fall memories. Like Fall, this soap is usually not around long, so I really enjoy it while it’s around.

Find our Fall Goat Milk Soap Here

What’s in our Soap Dish – September

Fall will be settling in soon and our already busy season is about to ramp up even more! It’s nice to have a few soaps that help you relax for a short time and make feel like you are pampering yourself. I find that it’s incredibly important to go into the (extremely) busy season on the right foot, so I make sure to make time to take care of myself! These are the soaps I like to use to do that!

Deep Sea Goat Milk Soap

Our Deep Sea Goat Milk Soap is one of our top sellers and is one of my favorite soaps to use. The feel of the lather and the scent reminds me of a spa. I find it incredibly relaxing. It’s the soap I like to use when I need a moment to myself to relax and regroup.

Find our Deep Sea Goat Milk Soap Here

Deep Space Goat Milk Soap

Have you tried our Deep Space Goat Milk Soap yet? We debuted it a earlier this year and it has been a great addition to our soap line. I love using this soap on my face. The charcoal, lavender, and tea tree are the perfect ingredients for getting our face clean and it has that same “spa” feel of the Deep Sea.

Find our Deep Space Goat Milk Soap Here

What’s in our Soap Dish – August

What soaps do we turn to during the dog days of summer? Read on to find out!

Peppermint Eucalyptus Goat Milk Soap

Our Peppermint Eucalyptus Goat Milk Soap has always been my favorite. It’s cleansing and so refreshing! I use this soap year round, but during the summer it’s especially nice. When I come inside from spending hours working in the garden and doing farm chores I reach for this soap. It has a natural cooling effect that energizes me and makes me feel normal again. It’s a great soap for summer!

Find our Peppermint Eucalyptus Goat Milk Soap Here

Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap

Our Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap also contains peppermint giving it a very similar invigorating, cooling effect as our Peppermint Eucalyptus, however this soap has a deeper, more mellow scent. It’s not only great for making you feel refreshed after a long day working outside, but it’s also great to pick you up and getting you moving in the morning.

Find our Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap Here

Best Soaps for Your Hair

Yes, you can use our soap on your hair! I wrote a blog post about it earlier this year (Here). It takes your hair a little while to adjust to the change in regiment, but once it does you then have an all natural alternative to commercial shampoos! The following are the soaps that we like to use:

Coffee Goat Milk Soap

Our Coffee Goat Milk Soap has a PH that is great for hair. This is the bar I use! It is a great deodorizer and has helped control my wild and crazy waves.

Find our Coffee Goat Milk Soap Here

Canine Shampoo Goat Milk Soap

That’s right! We are suggesting that you use our Canine Shampoo Goat Milk Soap on your hair. It has tea tree, lavender, and rosemary essential oils, all of which are great for your hair. This is the bar Kevin likes to use!

Find our Canine Shampoo Goat Milk Soap Here

Best Soap for Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin often have a hard time finding soaps that don’t irritate their skin. We know what this feels like first hand. Our daughter Bryce has sensitive skin. If we use the wrong thing on her, her skin will become irritated and break out in hives. We have always been careful with what we put on her and she’s never had an issue with any of our soaps or detergents. While we believe most people with sensitive skin should be fine using all of our soaps, if you have extremely sensitive skin and are looking for soap that is very gentle, the soaps highlighted in this post are for you!

Castile Goat Milk Soap

Our Castile Goat Milk Soap is the most sensitive soap bar in our line. It’s made with four simple ingredients (raw goat milk, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil). It has a soft silky lather and is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. It can even be used on young children.

Find our Castile Goat Milk Soap Here

Honey Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap

Our Honey Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap is another one of our sensitive skin bars. In addition to being sensitive this bar also has ground oatmeal throughout making it nice exfoliant.

Find our Honey Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap Here

What’s in our Soap Dish – July

I hope you have been enjoying the peek into our soap dish so far this year. You have seen how the changes in the weather have changed our soap choices, and now that summer is in full swing another change is here. What’s in our soap dish this July?

Summer Goat Milk Soap

On the first day of summer we brought back our Summer Goat Milk Soap. I really love this one! I am always excited to see it come back! This is the perfect soap for summer skin was it is made with aloe and green tea.  This soap only has the light scent of the green tea and is free of any essential oils, so there is nothing to possibly irritate sunburnt skin further. I spend so much time out the in sun, and while I try to be good, I don’t always keep up with my sunscreen, so I use this soap all summer long. This is in no way an alternative to sunblock, but it at least helps comfort my skin if I get too much sun.

Find Our Summer Goat Milk Soap Here

Best Laundry Soap for Workout Clothes

We are shaking up the “Best Soap for” series today by writing about the best laundry soap for work out clothes! Workout clothes get extra funky and sometimes it takes a special detergent to get them really clean. So which of our four laundry detergent varieties should you be using?

Tea Tree Goat Milk Laundry Detergent

Workout clothes have a habit of developing a stale scent and many detergents have a hard time getting them totally clean. Our Tea Tree Goat Milk Laundry Detergent is a high powered deodorizer. It knocks out musky sweat smells and leaves your workout clothes smelling clean and fresh!

Find our Tea Tree Goat Milk Laundry Detergent Here


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