Hi, I’m Crystal. Together with my husband Kevin and our children Breckin and Bryce, we’re the family behind your soap. The Freckled Farm Soap Company was born on July 4th, 2013, the date we decided we needed to declare our own independence. I was a photographer and high school arts teacher and Kevin worked in home technology. We were always working for the weekends and counting down to the next day off to be together with our children. We were putting in a ton of effort without a sustainable result and knew we needed a radical reset. While a farm had been a distant goal in our retirement plan, we decided to switch up the dream and make our life together the career path instead.

I had wanted goats my entire life, so running a small goat farm made perfect sense for us. Crafting the raw goats milk into the perfect eco-friendly soap and fine-tuning new recipes are the ideal outlets for our creativity. We are proud to live in our rural community in Goochland, Virginia, making agricultural products together.