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Bits N’ Pieces

Every once in a while we will have a bar of soap that isn’t up to our very strict standards. Maybe it was cut a little too small, so it doesn’t make the weight we state on our label, or maybe it has a dent or air bubble. Maybe it’s a scent that we no longer offer. Then there are those “end pieces” left over after we cut the soap loafs. We also have those beautiful molded soaps that sell great for custom orders, but were hard to display at the markets, leaving us with an abundance of shaped soaps. So what are we supposed to do with all of these leftover soaps? They are perfectly good and end up sitting in boxes… Well now you can buy them at a discounted price!

Bits N Pieces from The Freckled Farm Soap Company

With our new Bits N’ Pieces bags you will get at least 1 pound of assorted soaps for only $10! If you are buying our full sized bars a pound of soap would be between 3-5 bars (some soaps weigh more than others), so this is a significant savings!

All the soaps within the bags are perfectly good soaps. For example, our Rosewood Salt Goat Milk Soap, one of our most popular varieties, has a very small window in which the loafs can be cut. If they are cut too soon they are easily dented and messed up because they are too soft. If they are cut too late they are too hard to cut and parts can break off. In the past we have had whole loafs where chunks break off the bar during the cutting process… they are still great bars of soap but are not perfect enough to sell individually. Then there are those molded soaps (you can see them here). We have a bin of these awesome soaps and nothing to do with them and they are just too pretty to waste!

These bags are stuffed full of great goat milk soaps that we can’t sell individually! You will not be disappointed in our Bits N’ Pieces bag! They are now available on our website and will be at our farmer’s market booths!

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