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What’s up Wednesday – March 25th

Another week has gone by and Hillary is still pregnant (or at least she is as I am writing this post on Tuesday)! As of Monday the babies lungs were developed. We made it! She could go any day now and has really started the processes of building up to labor. Her ligaments have loosened up again, and she is quite swollen. I think she is actually waiting until I go out of town on Thursday so Kevin has to handle her kidding alone… you know to stir things up again, because thats what goats do. She is so huge and uncomfortable that I am hoping she kids sooner rather than later for her sake. Either way there will be new babies by next week’s What’s up Wednesday.

The babies from the first two kiddings are getting so big. They grow up so quickly. It’s hard to have a bad day when you get to spend time with these little cuties:

2015 Goat Kids at The Freckled Farm(By the way… This image is from a post documenting the first day of Spring on the farm. Check back Saturday, when that blog post goes live, to see more)


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