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Fun Farm Facts Friday – October 30th

Have you ever heard people talking about farm animals and been confused about the terminology they were using? With this week’s farm fact I’m here to help! Below you will find several terms used when describing the farm animals that we have. These are terms that you might see pop up from time to time on our blog.


  • Kid – Baby goat
  • Doe – Female goat
  • Doeling – A young female goat, generally under a year
  • Buck – Male goat
  • Buckling – Baby male goat, generally under a year
  • Wether – Castrated male
  • Billy – Older intact male
  • Dam – Mother goat
  • Sire – Father goat


  • Chick – Baby chicken
  • Pullet – Female chicken until they are old enough to lay eggs
  • Hen – Female chicken of laying age
  • Rooster – Male chicken (also called cock or cockerel)


  • Cria – Baby llama
  • Maiden – Female llama who has not been bred yet
  • Yearling – One year old llama
  • Dam – Mother goat
  • Sire – Father goat
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