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February Snow Storm

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the cold and snow, but even I can see the beauty around the farm after a snow storm. Everything looks so fresh and clean. A stark difference from the muddy mess we have been dealing with the last few months. This past Wednesday, the day after we received 8 inches of snow overnight, I trekked around the farm documenting some of the beautiful scenes the storms left behind.

With the storm came frigid temperatures. Friday morning it was -6 degrees! It has been a struggle to keep the house warm and get things done around the farm. At this point I am beyond ready for spring to come!

Snow Day on the Farm - The Freckled Farm

2 thoughts on “February Snow Storm

  1. The chickens are like oh no. And your hubby shaved…

    1. Yea it was time for the beard to go!

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