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What’s in our Soap Dish – April

Spring has sprung! What’s in our soap dish for Spring?

Spring Goat Milk Soap

On the first day of spring we brought back our Spring Goat Milk Soap and during April it really gets some use around here. As we slowly ease into spring this soap boosts our spirits and helps us shake off the winter slump. It has the earthy scent of lemongrass and the light floral scent of rose and lavender that make us dream of the flowers that will soon be blooming all over the farm.

Find our Spring Goat Milk Soap Here

Rosewood Salt Goat Milk Soap

Our Rosewood Salt Soap is a regular in this house, but it really gets used this time of year. It won’t be long before bare feet and flip-flops come out, so it time to get my feet back into shape after being in boots the last few months. Rosewood Salt makes a great foot bar! It exfoliates and softens.

Find our Rosewood Salt Goat Milk Soap Here