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Topped or Not Topped… That is the question!

When we first got into the soap making business we had three soaps that included a decorative topping. The vast majority of our customers adored these embellishments but there were a few that didn’t like that they came off over the course of several uses, so we started to offer a topped and a not topped option for each. Today we only make two soaps with this option.

Our Lavender Goat Milk Soap is topped with beautiful blue/purple lavender buds. It doesn’t affect the scent of the soap and is purely decorative.

Our Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk Soap is topped with oats but again this is just a decoration. Topped or not topped our Oatmeal Honey has ground oatmeal throughout, making it a light exfoliant.

Which choice is best for you? When customers ask me which they should pick I always tell them… If you plan to put the soap on display at the sink or if the topping just makes you happy then go with the topped option. If you don’t care either way, or plan to use the soap in the bath (which means the little lavender buds or oats will be floating around you) then go with the untopped option.