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Priced for Everyday Use

Our biggest goal when starting our soap company almost 5 years ago was to offer the highest quality soap possible while remaining affordably priced. We wanted our soaps to be considered everyday-use bars and not a splurge.

Everyday Use Goat Milk Soap from The Freckled Farm Soap Company in Virginia

There are all kinds of soap customers can choose from… Beautiful soaps that look amazing displayed next to your sink. Soaps that are big splurges you purchase when you really need a treat. Soaps that are works of art that make great gifts. While I hope our soaps fit into those categories listed above to some degree our hope was to be the soap you grab for everyday in the shower. Your “go to” soap for the kitchen or bathroom sink. The soap you use all the time. In order to become this soap for our customers we needed to be priced for everyday use.

We have maintained our prices all these years. They remained the same even after we switched to organic oils from sustainable sources a few years back. We just made adjustments to our own habits (like buying the oils in very large qualities to lower our costs) so the costs associated with those upgrades were not passed on to our customers. We have done whatever we can to keep our prices steady and we will continue to do what we can to maintain prices for our customers! We hope you choose us as your “go to” soap!





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