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Our Spring Products are Back!

Spring is my favorite time of year. The air is full of energy and the farm is full of new life with baby goats and the garden sprouting. I prefer to be outside, and after months of being huddled up in the house or (being my stubborn self) trying to get things done outside in spite of the cold, I am thrilled to shake my cabin fever and spend some time in the sun.

About halfway through winter I start to feel restless and it can feel like spring will never arrive. Why is it that winter feels so incredibly long, but all the other seasons go by in a flash? My one saving grace is that our soaps have to cure for at least six weeks, so come the end of January it’s time to begin making our Spring and Secret Spring Goat Milk Soaps. This will allow for cure date before the season change. On the winter days when we make these two seasonal soaps the fresh floral scents fill the soap facility and reassure me that warmer weather is on the horizon… just a curing session away. It’s a pick me up that (usually) pushes me through the rest of the cold, dark season that is winter.

Spring Products from The Freckled Farm Soap Company

Spring Products

Our Spring products all come in the robust floral scent of lavender and geranium. It’s a lovely, bright scent that is sure to lift your spirits. It is only around while supplies last, so don’t wait to pick some up for yourself. You can find this amazing scent in a Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Lotion, Beeswax Candle, Gift Set, and …

New This Year

We added a brand new product to our Spring line this year, our Spring Essential Oil Roller. Last year we added a few seasonal rollers to our line but it was after spring had come and gone. We finally have the opportunity now to add this uplifting scented roller to our line. Roll this bright floral scent on your skin and smell like spring all day long!

Secret Spring

Each season we make a special batch of soap that is just for our subscription customers. They are not available on the website or in stores. We don’t even promote the scent publicly. All I can say is that it features one of my absolute favorite scents. It is bright and fresh… and my personal favorite among the Secret Scents.

If you want access to this awesome bar of soap purchase the “Surprise Me”, “Surprise Them”, Seasonal, or Everything You Need Subscription.

Like with all of our seasonal products, quantities are limited. Once they sell out they are gone until next year, so head to our shop now!