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Taking Care of Your Body Brushes

Taking Care of Your Body Brush

Our all natural brushes are the perfect companions to our soaps but, like any bodycare product, when not taken care of properly they can grow bacteria and do more harm than good. Taking care of your body brushes will help you get the most out of them and will allow you to have the best and safest experience possible. In this post we will teach you how to take care of your body brushes.

Taking Caring for Your Brush

First and foremost do not share your brushes. This can transfer bacteria and germs from person to person. Each member of your family should have their own brush.

  1. Prepare your brush for cleaning by knocking the brush and bristles against a dry sink, followed by rubbing the bristles against a dry towel. This will help shake free much of the dry skin cells and dirt.
  2. Fill a dish with enough water to just cover your bristles. Unlike many other body brushes out there, ours is conditioned to be used in water. Getting the wood wet will not ruin the brush. Add several drops (3-4) of tea tree oil to the water. The tea tree will help eliminate bacteria. If you do not have tea tree oil you can use a gentle soap, like baby shampoo. Place the bristles in the water and move the brush around, making sure the bristles touch the bottom of the bowl, for about a minute to ensure the essential oils reach every part of the bristles and to clean away any remaining dirt or skin cells.
  3. Dump the water containing the tea tree or soap, rinse out the bowl, and add fresh water. Place the bristles in the fresh water and move it around for another minute to finish cleaning the bristles and rinse away the oil or soap.
  4. Finally, place the brush face down on a towel to dry.

Additional Suggestions

  • If you need to dry your brush more quickly you can use a hairdryer.
  • Between cleanings you can spray your brush with a mixture of 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup witch hazel, and 10 drops tea tree. This will help keep the bacteria at bay. You can also used alcohol but this should be used sparingly, as it can damage your brush.
  • Store your brush in a clean and dry location.
  • When picking your body brush keep one important thing in mind.. natural is better. Synthetic fibers have more hiding places for fungus and bacteria. Our brushes are made with natural bristles and FSC Certified wood.

How Often Should You Clean Your Brush

How often you clean your brush is going to depend on how often you use it. I am in the camp that says you do not need to exfoliate daily. Three to four times a week is sufficient. If this is the routine you follow, cleaning your brush once a month should be enough. If you prefer to exfoliate daily your brush should be cleaned every other week or so. However, do not feel like you need to stick to a strict schedule. If your brush looks or smells dirty between washes go ahead clean it again.

Facial brushes are an entirely different beast. Because they come in contact with more dirt and oil and because the skin on your face is more sensitive your facial brush should be cleaned weekly.

You will find lots of different suggestions for how long to keep a body or facial brush in use. They range from a month to… forever. I actually ran across a website during my research saying they have been using their brush for years. When it comes down to it no matter how well you care for brushes they do have an expiration date. All those little nooks and crannies will still hold on to some dead skin cells, bacteria, or mold. We generally suggest that you replace your brushes every three to four months.

Taking care of your body brush is important to ensure a safe experience and to extend the life of your brush. Follow the simple steps outlined in this post and your brush will help you along the path to healthy glowing skin.