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My First Experience with Goat Milk Soap

A while before we started experimenting making our own soap I had the opportunity to try goat milk soap from a national brand.  I already knew the benefits of goat milk soap and already had high expectations, but I was completely blown away with my results.

I wash my hands to an obsessive point… I live on a farm with two young children, and I have a mild case of OCD. My hands were always dry and cracked, and during the winter my hands would bleed… badly. I would go through a gross amount of lotion. I was miserable. It actually HURT to wash my hands and put lotion on. Washing my hands less was/is not an option… dealing with animals, diapers, cooking, etc… It is a necessary act many, many, many times a day. So I just dealt with the pain. Then I had the opportunity to use a bar of goat milk soap. Within a DAY my hands had healed. I’m not exaggerating… a DAY. No more cracks, no more dry skin, no more bleeding. I was completely hooked and knew I couldn’t go back to regular soap.

Since we started making our own soap I have had no more issues with my skin, no matter how many times I wash my hands. Our soaps are all natural and our castile is sensitive enough to use on our toddler (who has very sensitive skin). It’s amazing having a safe, all natural product for our family to use. I am so proud of our soaps and I can’t wait for you all to try them.


The Freckled Farm Soap Company makes handmade goat milk soaps. Our body care products are all natural and made with love. For more information about our products please visit our website:

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