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Why Shop Local

I hate to say it, but the holidays are right around the corner. A lot of people have already started their Christmas shopping. So whether you have already started or will be starting soon please consider shopping locally when purchasing your gifts this year. I am sure you hear it all of the time, but what does it really mean and why is it important?

Shopping local doesn’t mean going to your “local” Walmart, or Target. It means purchasing your items from companies that are based locally. When you purchase from small local companies you are supporting families and your community. You aren’t supporting the pay checks for big CEOs. Shopping locally supports your community and keeps your money where it can do the most good. Money spent local stays local.

Lets make this a little more personal… When you purchase from us you support a family of four and a farm full of animals. Your money goes to feeding our animals and their care. It goes towards helping us take steps to build our farm and making it self-sustaining. It goes to feeding our family, paying our bills, and allowing us to live our dream. It’s pays for our children’s activities. It is what we live off of! You can see where your dollars are going and know that is going to actually support someone.

This is the story behind most local companies. They are families. They are people working to make a life for themselves and live their dreams. We should support them because they are our neighbors, our friends, our community members.

So why shop local? Because we are all one big family and we want to support one another. Because we want our dollars to do good, to support families and to build our community, and finally because it feels amazing to know that you are playing a part in supporting someone’s dream.

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