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What’s in our Soap Dish – September

Fall will be settling in soon and our already busy season is about to ramp up even more! It’s nice to have a few soaps that help you relax for a short time and make feel like you are pampering yourself. I find that it’s incredibly important to go into the (extremely) busy season on the right foot, so I make sure to make time to take care of myself! These are the soaps I like to use to do that!

Deep Sea Goat Milk Soap

Our Deep Sea Goat Milk Soap is one of our top sellers and is one of my favorite soaps to use. The feel of the lather and the scent reminds me of a spa. I find it incredibly relaxing. It’s the soap I like to use when I need a moment to myself to relax and regroup.

Find our Deep Sea Goat Milk Soap Here

Deep Space Goat Milk Soap

Have you tried our Deep Space Goat Milk Soap yet? We debuted it a earlier this year and it has been a great addition to our soap line. I love using this soap on my face. The charcoal, lavender, and tea tree are the perfect ingredients for getting our face clean and it has that same “spa” feel of the Deep Sea.

Find our Deep Space Goat Milk Soap Here