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Soap Tester Testimonial #2

Last week I shared a testimonial from Sandy, one of our soap testers. This week I am sharing one from Dottie M…

Jim and I signed up to test The Freckled Farm soaps because we are drawn to natural products and we love the farm’s owners and wanted to support them. I do have a science background and wondered if a natural soap could compete with the R and D resources of Proctor & Gamble, etc. From the first day we were both hooked. It’s hard to describe the difference. We felt very clean and moisturized. Other moisturizing soaps left a feeling of something on your skin. The dry, scaly look disappeared with one use and we didn’t feel covered in lotion. We loved the fragrance of the Sunrise Citrus soap. It’s clean and bright, a perfect morning shower experience! We have our order in, waiting for the first shipment.” – Dottie

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The Freckled Farm Soap Company makes handmade goat milk soaps. Our body care products are all natural and made with love. For more information about our products please visit our website:

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