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Our Summer Products

Summer skin care products from The Freckled Farm Soap Company

Let’s talk about your Summer skin care with our limited edition Summer Products! During the summer our skin has different needs. The sun is harsh this time of year and we are spending more time working and enjoying ourselves outside. We should be taking many steps to protect ourselves while enjoying the outdoors, like wearing sunblock and protective clothing, but the protection doesn’t end there! We created this line to give ourselves a little added security from the sun and from bugs that tend to make our time outside a little less enjoyable.

Summer Goat Milk Soap

First and foremost we must start with our Summer Goat Milk Soap. This seasonal soap has been in our line for years and it is a favorite among many customers. We designed this bar with all of your summer skin care needs in mind. This soap is extremely gentle and scent free, so as not to irritate sun burnt skin. This lovely bar soothes with aloe and green tea. This is the soap to grab after a long day of sitting on the beach or working in your yard or garden. It is a must-have and sits in our personal shower all summer long!

Summer Bug Repellent Essential Oil Roller

Let’s talk bugs… Mosquitoes love me. No matter what I do! I could spray the absolute worst, most toxic chemicals on my skin and they will risk death to get that sweet, sweet blood. I have long since given up even trying, because why cover yourself in a sticky chemical filled spray when it isn’t even effective. So when we were developing our Summer Bug Repellent Essential Oil Roller I was more focused on ticks than mosquitoes, but we included essential oils that are well known to deter the awful pests anyways. When trying to avoid mosquitoes rub the roller on your wrists and neck. You will give off a scent that is lovely to humans and is repelling to bugs.

More importantly rub the roller around your ankles to avoid the worst of the worst, as far as pest are concerned… ticks! I have personally witnessed a huge rise in tick borne illnesses in recent years. I went from barely knowing what alpha-gal is to having several friends and family members diagnosed with it in the last few years. When it comes to lyme disease I can’t even count the number of people I know who have been diagnosed. This list includes our own son. In order to protect yourself from these awful bugs it is imperative that “tick checks” be done to remove any that may have attached to you during the day. This is true even if you did not spend time outside, as pets can bring ticks into the house. To give yourself a little added protection apply this essential oil roller around your ankles to deter ticks from latching on to you as you are walking around outside.

Summer Beeswax Candle

Nothing ruins a cookout faster than bugs! Burn a few of our Summer Beeswax Candles around your table and food to deter flies and other flying insects. This lovely candle is filled with citronella and other bug deterring essential oils. We used one of our candles while dining outside recently and are so pleased to report that our food remained fly free… and that is saying something on a farm!

All of these products are limited edition, so stock up for before they are gone… until next year.