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Introducing our Dish Soap

All natural and eco-friendly dish soap. Get your dishes clean with a product that is safe for your skin and safe for the water system.

It has always been our ultimate goal to fulfill all of our customers’ soap needs. We want to make sure everyone has an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional options out there. We are serious perfectionists when it comes to our recipes, so we are still working on covering all of those needs, but we are so excited to introduce a new product that covers one more… our brand new Dish Soap!

Our all natural Dish Soap will get your dishes sparkling clean while being safe for your skin, our water system, and the environment. It is incredibly important that we are thinking about everything we are putting down the drain and your dish water is no exception. Like our other soaps, our dish soap is made with natural and organic oils, raw goats milk, and essential oils. No harsh, toxic chemicals! Conventional dish soaps often contains chemicals that are dangerous for us, marine life, and our environment and water system as a whole. Our dish soap is an easy switch that can make a big difference.

We have also added several accessories to aid in your cleaning! You can now pick up our all natural dish brushes and loofah sponge. Want to try everything? Pick up one of our Dish Soap Starter Sets (pictured above).

We hope you enjoy adding this new product into your cleaning routine. Get a clean you can feel good about!

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  1. I have been using the dish soap set now for over a month, and I can say that each item in the set is working incredibly well–the set of bristle scrubbers is great for my pots and pans, the soft scrubbers great for all my delicate jobs. And the dish soaps . . . it is so satisfying to be using more FFSC natural soaps and not be paying for plastic and water. More power to the green in this chemical- and artificial scent sensitive household. Thank you for more awesomeness to tackle dirt and grime with natural products.

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