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How The Freckled Farm Got It’s Name

Freckles are a common theme around here. We use the word “Freckled” for almost everything and I am sure people wonder where our obsession comes from… Well here’s the story

Long before the farm was set up we talked about what we would name it. We wanted the name to have meaning and somehow connect to/represent our family. We had the name Breckin picked out for our son years before he was even conceived. I actually saw the name and liked it before I had even met Kevin! One night when discussing our future family we looked up the meaning of the name and found out that it meant “Freckled.” Being freckled myself it seemed like the perfect choice for my future son.

A month or so before conceiving our daughter Bryce I started scouring all of the baby websites looking for names. We already had a boy name picked. It was the girl name that we couldn’t come to an agreement on. I knew I wanted a BR name but nothing really stood out. I kept returning to the name Bryce. I liked the sound of it with Breckin, so I decided to look up the meaning to see if I could convince Kevin that, that should be the name if we were to have a little girl. Well, you can image how excited I was to find out that Bryce meant Freckled (or Speckled depending on the site you look at) as well! There were no more arguments. If we were to have a girl her name would be Bryce… Luck would have it we found out in Nov 2011 that we were having a baby girl.

So picking the farm’s name came easy after that… The Freckled Farm was only fitting.


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  1. This is adorable! Love your story 😉

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