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Getting to Know… Tux

Tux is the newest member of our farm family. I had been talking about wanting an inside lap cat for a while. Don’t get me wrong our other inside cat, Buckley, is a wonderful companion, but he has never been much of a lap cat (although this has change a little in his old age). A friend of ours, who works at a vet in Goochland, called us on Christmas eve saying that she found our lap cat. Animal control brought her into the vet completely out of it. The vet had fixed her up and they wanted to make sure she went to a good home. We went to visit her an hour later. She was so sweet and good with the kids that we told our friend to let animal control know that we were interested in her. She was at the vet another few days after which she went back to animal control to finish out her hold time, where they hold her for a short period to see if she is claimed. No one claimed her so we picked her up and brought her home on New Years Eve. She settled immediately and bonded strongly with the children. She is full of energy and is incredibly loving… She’s my perfect lap cat.

Tux from The Freckled Farm Tux 1 Blog

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