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Kevin’s Favorite Soap

At markets and craft shows we often have customers ask us what our favorite soaps are. This gave us an idea! Over the next four weeks you will learn the favorite soaps of the four members of The Freckled Farm family.

I, Kevin, will start. My favorite soap is /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\<— (drumroll)…….. Canine Shampoo.  Yes, that’s right. My favorite of all of our soaps is the one we made for dogs. I’ll give you a second to think of any appropriate jokes that apply.  .   .   .   . OK now that the initial shock has worn off let me explain. Canine Shampoo uses our standard oil blend of the base. Then we add ground oatmeal, lavender, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils. To me it is the perfect blend. It has a little exfoliant in the ground oatmeal. It’s earthy and smells great. I first started using it just as a shampoo bar, but quickly realized that there was no need to switch to another bar after washing my hair. So now this has become my whole body bar. It’s also really good for me because I have very oily skin and the mixture of lavender and tea tree work really well together.

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