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7 Reasons to Choose Bar Soap Over Liquid Soap

So we may be a little biased but there are clear reasons to choose bar soap over liquid soap. In this post I will outline the things that make bar soap the better choice.

7 Reasons to Choose Bar Soap over Liquid Soap

What Makes Bar Soap Better…

  1. Bar soap is more eco-friendly – Overall the carbon footprint for liquid soap is ten times higher than with bar soap. Most of this is because of the packaging and chemicals used to produce the liquid soap. More often than not liquid soap comes in plastic bottles which takes hundreds of years to decompose, while bar soap tends to come in paper or cardboard packaging which only takes weeks to months. Bar soaps are usually more natural and are generally made with food grade vegetable oils, while the average liquid soap contains harsher chemicals that end up in our water system.
  2. Bar soaps last longer – According to ZME Science people use six times more liquid soap than bar soap during a thirty second hand wash. On average, individuals use 2.3g of liquid soap. In comparison they only use 0.35g of bar soap. This means that bar of soap will last you significantly longer than the bottle of liquid soap. You can even extend the life of your bar by cutting it in half.
  3. Traveling with bar soap is easier – Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of having a soap or shampoo bottle explode in our suitcase during travel. This problem is completely avoidable if you are traveling with bar soap. Pop it in a bag and be confident that the soap wont be all over your clothes when you reach your destination. Traveling light? You don’t have to worry about the liquid limits for carry-on when traveling with a bar.
  4. Bar soap tends to be more natural – Liquid body washes often contain chemicals to maintain the shelf stability while bar soap is naturally shelf stable and doesn’t require extra preservatives. Bar soaps are generally made of food grade oils and other botanicals. Liquid soaps are more likely to contain harsh detergents or other chemicals.
  5. Glycerin is naturally occurring in bar soapGlycerin is important for locking moisture in your skin. Luckily it is naturally occurring in bar soap! You can’t always find this fabulous ingredient in liquid soap and if you do it’s because it’s been added.
  6. Bar soap is more cost effective – We have already covered how you use less soap per use with bar soap so you are having to replace it less often but in most cases you are paying several dollars less for a high quality bar of soap than you do for a bottle of liquid soap.
  7. Bar soap tends to come in more varieties – Your favorite liquid soaps likely only come in a handful of scents but companies who create bar soaps tend to have a full line with different scents and uses (we currently have 24 varieties) so it’s easy to find something perfect for you!

With every decision there are pros and cons, and in the end you need to make a choice that is best for you, but we firmly believe that bar soap is the superior choice economically, environmentally, and practically.