Dark Soap Shreds



Our bar soaps are bevel-cut to improve the handling experience during use. By popular demand, we’re now offering the remnant shavings for sale. It’s the same great soap you know and love, just in itty bitty form. This is a mixed blend of our dark-colored soaps. These are the soaps that contain powders and botanicals. Our Dark Soap Shavings have a wide variety of uses! You can put a bowl out next to your sink for single wash soap instead of sharing a bar, make liquid soap, use them in a Soap Saver Bag, or even throw a few handfuls in your tub for a milk bath.

We do not recommend using this blend as soap for laundry detergent, for that purpose please try our Light Soap Shreds.

Note: this is a limited-quantity byproduct made from the beveled edges of our soap bars. Stock is not guaranteed and is subject to availability.

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Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 in


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