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What’s up Wednesday 1/5

We had wonderful mild weather this past weekend. It’s amazing what a slightly warm, sunny day can do to your mood! Although the last couple of days haven’t been as nice as the weather we experienced over the weekend, it looks like the weather is going to hold up, meaning no snow, so we are able to attend the My Courthouse Market inside the Goochland Courthouse YMCA this evening. We will be there from 3-7. We will have our coffee goat milk soap with us!!

We got quite a bit done in the last week. We ordered our newest chicken coop and it was shipped on Tuesday. It’s going to be nice to just assemble a coop this time rather than spending months building one from scratch. We are also putting together a huge lumber order for all of our other projects that will be happening over the next few months including a buck barn, buck pasture, building a few new mangers to accommodate the new animals, expanding our garden by adding 6 new beds, building a garden for Breckin, and fencing off a new pasture for the girls and llamas. We are also hoping to have the solar put up in the barn before too long as well. So much to do, so little time!


2 thoughts on “What’s up Wednesday 1/5

  1. Crystal – you sound like the Pioneer Woman! Blogging is how she got her start and look where she is now! Simply a wonderful job! XO Caroline

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I love her. She is one of my heroes!

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