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Introducing Coffee Goat Milk Soap!

As many of you know every month this year we will be introducing a new soap! Some of these are seasonal, some permanent additions, and others are soaps we are testing out. Check back the first of each month to see what new goat milk soap we are introducing. This month we are so excited to finally introduce our Coffee Goat Milk Soap! Isn’t it pretty?

Coffee Goat Milk Soap from The Freckled Farm Soap CompanyWe have been working on this soap recipe for a long while. It was actually one of the first recipes we played with. We handed it out to the soap testers and they loved it, but Kevin wanted to make changes, so he did. We handed out the new soap and people still preferred the first one… but Kevin was not convinced and went on trying to perfect the recipe. Months past and we kept getting requests for our original coffee soap. There were times when we would have 3 or 4 requests a week. I was finally able to convince Kevin that he got it right the first time! We started working on building our stock and here we are… Finally introducing our Coffee Goat Milk Soap… The first recipe!

This soap has a light sweet smell (more of a sweet cream scent than a coffee scent). Our coffee soap is made with coffee infused oil (prepared by us), espresso, natural oils, and of course raw goat milk. The soap includes finely ground coffee beans throughout making it a strong exfoliant. We are not recommending it for those with sensitive skin because of it’s high exfoliating factor. It was a favorite soap our testers and hopefully it will become one of ours.

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