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2016 Kid Reservations

It’s that time of year again! Breeding season will be starting very soon. Now is the time to make a reservation for a 2016 kid. We work on a first come first served bases. If you have a specific breeding you are interested in please indicate that when you make your reservation. You are welcome to come and visit the goats if you like.

Because we have no way of knowing how many goats we will get and what genders they will be we take a limited number of reservations and under estimate what we think we will get based on past experience. This year we will take reservations for 6 does. There may be kids still available in the Spring once all reservations are filled. If you are interested in a kid and all reservations are filled you will be added to a wait list.

All of our does this year will be bred to our herd sire Warner. We will have a mixture of Pure Bred Nubians and American Nubians. Pictures of all of your does can be found on the “Our Animals” section of the blog. For more information about purchasing a goat from us visit this blog post.

2016 Breedings

  • Dam: Ruth – Pure Bred
  • Dam: Sonia – Pure Bred
  • Dam: Hillary – American
  • Dam: Tina – American
  • Dam: Chelsea – American
  • Dam: Eleanor – American
  • Dam: Elsie – American

Goat Pricing:

  • Pure Bred Nubian Does – $250
  • American Nubian Does – $200
  • Pure Bred Nubian Bucks – $250
  • American Nubian Bucks – $150
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