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Purchasing Goats from The Freckled Farm

The first round of 2015 kids will be ready to go to new homes in the coming weeks. Any goats that are available for sale can be found here. If you are interested in coming to see our available kids or purchasing a goat please feel free to contact us.

Goat Pricing:

  • Pure Bred Nubian Does – $250
  • American Nubian Does – $200
  • Pure Bred Nubian Bucks – $250
  • American Nubian Bucks – $150

All goats come with papers and can be registered through the ADGA. Our American Does are phenomenal milkers. Our Pure Bred Does come from outstanding milking lines, but are first fresheners, so we can not speak to their milking habits as of yet, however they are currently producing well above average. Ruth is giving us over a gallon a day, and Sonia is giving us about 3/4 of a gallon…. both as first fresheners.

If you do not already have a goat or at the very least another companion farm animal like a donkey, horse, llama, or alpaca we require that you purchase two goats. This can be two does, a doe and a wether (a castrated male), or two bucks. Goats are social animals and do not do well alone.

The kids will have received one dose of BoSe, both doses of CDT, and a coccidiosis and worm prevention treatment. The kids will also be disbudded their first week of life and tattooed before pick up. We send all kids home with a week of feed. If you do not plan to use the same feed that we do (Sunrise Farms Goat Feed) this should be enough to help you transition them to their new feed. We will also give all purchasers a list of suggested suppliers and suggestions of how to care for their kids the first few months in their new home.

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