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Using our Goat Milk Soap Canine Shampoo

People are always asking us how our Canine Shampoo works. It’s in bar form, like all of our soaps, and most people are used to working with liquid dog shampoo. Does it lather well? How is it applied? Does it rinse clean? Does it work on long haired dogs? So I wanted to do this post to show it in action…

Last week our two dogs, Frankie and Annabelle, got out and ran away. They were gone for two days and it was awful. When we finally got them home we noticed that they were completely covered in ticks. I spent time picking the ticks off, but when it came to Frankie getting the ticks out of his hair was nearly impossible. I removed any I could on his stomach, but we were going to have to find an alternative for the rest of his body… So we used our Goat Milk Soap Canine Shampoo on him. For the rest of the evening ticks were practically falling off of him…

Our Canine Shampoo lathers great, as you can see in the pictures below, and it rinses very easily and clean. It’s applied by rubbing the bar directly on the dog. This avoids waste. With those liquid soaps, at least in our experience, you end up using half the bottle in one wash. You pour the soap on their back and have to pull it all over their bodies. You end up using a lot more than you need. With our soap we have only used one bar on our dogs since we debuted the soap last summer. That would make for four or so washes with two dogs and the bar is still not gone. It leaves Frankie’s hair, who has a long wire hair, soft and clean!

Goat Milk Soap Canine Shampoo from The Freckled Farm Soap Company

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