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What’s Up Wednesday – May 5th

We have had a wonderful, busy week. We are settling into our Spring/Summer schedule and getting things done around the farm.

The garden expansion is starting to look more like a garden and less like a mess of dirt and weeds! It’s so much fun when projects start to look like the plan you have had in your head all along. The big change to the garden this week has been structural… We plan to “stake” our plants a little differently this year. Instead of caging or staking individual plants (since we will have hundreds of plants that need this) we are putting poles at the end of several of the beds and running fence down the center. We can use the fencing to tie up tomatoes and to allow climbing/vining plants to do their thing. We will have five beds that have this set up this year… Three tomato beds, one cucumber bed, and one bean bed. All of the beds will eventually have poles staked at the ends and the fencing will detach and move around year to year as we rotate our crops. Watching this process come together has made the garden expansion seem like it’s actually going somewhere. It’s strange what a few poles will do.

Don’t forget… Mother’s Day is Sunday and our goat milk soaps make a great gift! You have five opportunities to purchase our soaps at farmers’ markets… including one on Sunday if you are a serious procrastinator. Our soaps are also in quite a few stores around Virginia! You can find our schedule and stores that carry our soaps here.