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Soap Tester Testimonial #1

We have had soap testers (friends, family, and acquaintances) testing our soap for months now. We want to make sure our recipes are perfect before we roll them out to the general public. So far the feedback has been extremely positive. They are all fighting to get their hands on more soap, and several have taken the time to write up testimonials! Over the next few weeks, as we put the final touches on our website, I will share these testimonials with you. This first one comes from Sandy H.

I have been using the Castile soap, and it is awesome. Before it was wet for the first time it had a slight scent to it, but in the shower there is absolutely no scent that I can make out. I went from using Dove body wash to this, and will NEVER go back to Dove again. My skin feels so much softer. Additionally, I have really sensitive arm pits – get red bumps/irriation all the time. Since using the soap for shaving – I have had ZERO red bumps or irritation. However, I was just on vacation for two weeks and forgot to pack the castile soap…and I got awful shaving irritation from using my mom’s body wash. I am back home and have been using the soap for 4 days now, and am feeling great. I thought I loved the soap, but didn’t realize how much I did until I had stopped using it! Such a great product! I hope the business will be up and running by Christmas, because I would love to get some soap for everyone as stocking stuffers!” – Sandy

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The Freckled Farm Soap Company makes handmade goat milk soaps. Our body care products are all natural and made with love. For more information about our products please visit our website:

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