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2014 Blog Series’

We will be debuting 3 blog series’ in 2014! Be sure to subscribe so you can keep up with all of them!

Makeover Monday

Every first Monday of the month in 2014 I will be introducing a new DIY skin, body, or hair care idea to help our readers replace the chemical-filled products that they currently use.

What’s up Wednesday

Keep up with all of the happenings on The Freckled Farm and with The Freckled Farm Soap Company. Read about what is going on with our animals, our property, what projects we are working on, progress on our goal of becoming self-sustaining, new soaps or products that we are debuting, new stores or farmer markets that we have been added to, new molds we have added to our collection, etc. We are constantly growing and changing… this will be your chance to keep up with all of it!

The Freckled Farm First Friday Book Club

On the first friday of every month hear about a new book that has made it into The Freckled Farm’s book club. These will include farming memoirs (my favorite), farming and homesteading how-tos, and novels that are centered around farmers or farming.

I will continue to do our series “Getting to Know The Freckled Farm” as new animals and buildings are added to the farm.

Subscribe to keep up with all of the action! 

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