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What’s up Wednesday – 4/23

Another busy, productive week on the farm! This past weekend we finally found time to build the buck house. Bad weather and incredibly busy schedules had forced us to put off that project a lot longer than we had originally planned. It came together nicely and will make a good home for our boys. Now we just need to paint it, put up the boys’ bed, hang the hay feeder, and fence. We should be picking up our buck in the next few weeks, so hopefully it will come together before then.

We had a pretty unpleasant experience this weekend… While doing farm chores on Saturday we found a snake in the hay. At this point we don’t know if it was a baby black snake or baby copperhead. Our instincts said copperhead so we killed it and threw it far away in the woods. I would have never killed a black snake, but any copperhead needs to be eliminated! The babies are especially scary. After the fact we were looking at pictures of both baby black snakes and baby copperheads and they look quite similar. Either way a snake is a sign of mice and you do NOT want mice in your hay. So our “we think we might need to get a barn cat soon” turned to “we need to get a barn cat now!” We went to our friend Donna’s farm (Money Pitt Acres) to pick out one of the cats she was trying to rehome. We brought him home, set him up in a kennel on the porch and fed him. We were instructed to leave him in a kennel for a few days so he was able to learn that this was his new home. Unfortunately, yesterday, when Kevin was cleaning out the kennel the cat got out and ran away and we haven’t seen him since. We are all very upset about it and have tuna sitting on the porch hoping he will come back… which I sure will attract more than just our cat, but it’s worth the risk.

We are still working on the new scrubs and bath teas! We are hoping to debut them at the opening of My Manakin Market on May 3rd. We have gotten the thumbs up from our testers and now it just requires us to get labels together. We are so excited about offering these awesome new products! We are also only a week away from debuting our May goat milk soap! Check back to see what it is.

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