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What’s in Our Soap Dish – January

Your skin’s needs change throughout the year and it may benefit you to use different soap varieties at different points of the year. We are here as soap makers to give you insight into what WE use each month and why! While we often take what we can get and our soap dish is usually filled with flawed soaps (dented, or underweight) that we can’t sell, if we get a choice the following are the soaps we love to use in January:

Winter Goat Milk Soap

I look forward to us having our Winter Goat Milk Soap in stock all year long. In 2014 we sold out in two weeks and I really didn’t have the opportunity to use it very much. In 2015 we made three times more of it than we had the year before. We released it on December 5th and sold more that day than we had in our whole 2014 stock! Now, a week into the new year, we only have a small supply left. This soap has a warm scent (ginger, cinnamon, clove, and dark molasses) and a beautiful (naturally occurring) red color. The ginger essential oil also gives the soap a slight warming effect during use!

If you are interested in adding our Winter Goat Milk Soap to your January soap dish, you should order it soon! We are very close to selling out and won’t have it back in stock until the first week in December 2016.

Find our Winter Goat Milk Soap Here

Castile Goat Milk Soap

Our Castile Goat Milk Soap serves different uses at different times of year. Castile serves as an excellent shave soap, which is less of a concern this time of year, however the Castile also has a very moisturizing lather. During the Winter, when our wood stove (or in most of our reader’s cases, central heat) is running full blast, our skin dries out. We use our Castile soap to keep our skin soft and hydrated during the dry Winter months.

Find our Castile Goat Milk Soap Here

Check back next month to see what’s in our soap dish in February!