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Topped or Not Topped

Topped or not topped - Goat Milk Soap - The Freckled Farm Soap Company

At The Freckled Farm Soap Company we have several goat milk soaps that come with a pretty decorative topping, including our Oatmeal Honey, Lavender, and Rose. It makes a lovely gift or a charming addition to your guest bath soap dish, but what if one of these soaps listed above is your everyday bar and you don’t want to always be dealing with the decorative topper coming off when you are using the soap in the bath? Well, we have you covered! For each of our “topped” soaps we offer a “not topped” option! The topping is purely decorative so removing them does not affect the smell.

So should you go with the topped our not topped option? Well, it depends where you plan on using the soap. If you like the decorative topping and plan to use the soap in a sink or shower where the buds or oats will go directly down the drain then go for the topped option. If you don’t care for the topping or plan to use the soap in the bath, where any topping that comes off will just be floating around you then go for the not topped option.

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