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The Goat Milk in Our Goat Milk Soap

The most important ingredient in our soap is obviously the goat milk from our own little dairy goat herd. It’s what makes our soap so special and it comes from the most spoiled goats!

We have a wonderful, symbiotic relationship with the animals on our farm. Our goats give us this amazing, rich, fresh milk for our goat milk soap and we spoil them rotten. Our goats receive organic hay from a farm in Doswell, VA, non-GMO grain from a farm in Staunton, VA, kelp from the Arctic Ocean (because it is said to contain less mercury), black oil sunflower seeds and alfalfa pellets, ample pastures, and a nice solid barn. They get lots of love and attention. We keep our herd as small as possible so we can really monitor their health and so nothing goes unnoticed. We don’t take any chances with their health and consult our outstanding farm vet at the first sign that something might be wrong. We are closed herd, meaning our goats are not exposed to other goats or locations, and when people come to visit us we require they use the shoe wash so no foreign parasites or bacteria is introduced to our herd. We take our jobs as their caretakers very seriously and make sure we give them the best lives possible.

You can feel comfortable using our soap knowing that the animals on our farm are treated with extreme love and care!