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Getting to Know The Freckled Farm – Sophia

Want to know more about the farmers, animals, and buildings on The Freckled Farm? Every Friday I will introduce you to another part of The Freckled Farm. This week you have a chance to get to know Sophia!

The Freckled Farm Soap Company - SophiaI had a hard time deciding which chicken to highlight first. They all have such different personalities and they are all pretty equal on the ladder. We don’t have a standout leader. I finally decided on Sophia because her personality stands out slightly more than the others. She is the trouble maker! While all of the other chickens happily go back to the coop in the evening if Sophia feels like she didn’t get enough time in the yard she hides and does what she can to avoid me. Many evenings I have chased her around the trees that surround our property, shaking a cup of sunflower seeds, desperate to get her safe in the coup so I can go inside to start dinner.

Sophia is a partridge rock. She is red with accents of gold and black. She is on the smaller side but is a solid, dependable layer.


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