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Getting to Know… Chelsea

Last year I did a blog series that allowed our readers to get to know each member of our farm. Since the completion of that series the farm has grown significantly! New goats, new chickens, new cats… So, I figured it was time to meet the newest members!

We are starting out with our little girl Chelsea. She was born on our farm last year. Her dam is Hillary and her sire is Milo from Chribrydon Farms, located in Lousia, VA. She came from the first kidding of 2014. Her full brother is William.

Chelsea, with her fawn color, really stands out in our herd! When we dried her off after she was born I was shocked by her coloring. Both her mother and father are very dark. Chelsea has a wonderful, fun loving personality. Of all of the 2014 kids she is the one who plays around the most, leaping and running through the pastures. She is a full blown goofball!

Chelsea from The Freckled FarmChelsea from The Freckled FarmChelsea from The Freckled Farm

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