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The Big Announcement

Most of our friends and family have known this was coming for a while, years actually, and we have discussed it with many customers, especially over the last few months, so for some of you this may not be a surprise, but now that everything has been made official we can announce it to everyone…

In about a month, on January 6th, Kevin will be leaving his job outside of the home to put a full time effort into our two small businesses with me. That means starting in 2015 The Freckled Farm Soap Company and Neilson-Hall Photography, will be our only sources of income. This is an enormous, and scary step for us, but we have spent years preparing for it, and both businesses have grown so much in the last year that they require full time attention from both of us. This has been the plan for a long time and we have actually reached our goal years ahead of schedule! In 2015 you can expect to find us in a lot more stores, and to see us at a lot more farmer’s markets and craft shows!

So, as we take this new step in our lives and businesses we thank your continued support. 



2 thoughts on “The Big Announcement

  1. Congratulations! I would love to do something similar when I retire with my wreaths, other crafts and photography. I am so glad you have reached your goal ahead of time and appreciate your faithfulness to your craft!

  2. HURRAY!!! So happy for you both. You’ve worked so hard and now it is paying off. Good luck to you in 2015! We love you, M&M

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