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What’s Up Wednesday – Jan 7th

Happy Birthday Kevin!! … Not only is it Kevin’s birthday, but it is also his first day as a full time farmer. Yesterday was his last day at his “day job.” I am so excited to finally be in entering into this new chapter. I now get to work side by side with my favorite person every day! We have been working our butts off to get to this point.

The next few months are going to be an adjustment as we try to get into a routine. Hopefully we won’t be pulling super late nights anymore… or maybe just less of them. I am extremely excited about all of the projects that we will have time to do, now that Kevin will be home and extra 60+ hours a week, like building the green house, greatly expanding our garden (by a quarter of an acre!), and so much more. It’s also going to be so nice knowing Kevin will be around during kidding time in March. The next year is going to be an awesome adventure.