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What’s up Wednesday – 4/9

I’m sorry that I have been so bad with the farm updates lately. Things have been a little crazy around here. I am done edited in the pictures from Hillary’s labor, now comes the issue of finding time to write the blog post… But I promise it will be soon. The babies are doing wonderfully. They are about twice the size they were at birth. They are so much fun and the kids absolutely love spending time with them in the kid pasture. They all have such wonderful personalities and are going to make great additions to our herd.

We are so behind in our gardening this year. Anything that needed to be started inside has been done, but anything that could have been planted outside already (peas, green onions, and such) have been put off. None of our new beds have even been filled with dirt yet… schedules and weather has delayed the delivery, but it is set to come tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the yard will be dry enough for them to drive across it!

The baby chicks are getting so big. One of the ones that we thought was a buff orpington, because it was identical to the other buff orpingtons the day they were delivered, turned out to be one of the easter eggers, and one of the ones that we thought was an easter egger we think might in fact be one of the marans. It does look like we may have gotten multiple maran roosters, but only time will tell on that one. It won’t be long and we will be moving the older chickens into the pasture so they can free range and the new chicks into the old coop. I can’t wait to see how the maran eggs turn out!

Just when you think we have enough going on…. We have some exciting news! We will soon be adding salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, and bath teas to our line!! We are currently in the research and development phase, but I expect to debut them in the next month, just as soon as our testers give our recipes a thumbs up. So keep an eye out for those!

The Wednesday market in Goochland Courthouse moved outside last week. It was so nice to be out in the sun and the children liked having the space to run, and playground to play on. We will be outside from now on so come and visit. We have some really great vendors! Today there should be a few veggies, eggs, sausage, brunswick stew, bread, goat cheese, mustard… and of course our soaps!

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