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What’s in our Soap Dish – July

I hope you have been enjoying the peek into our soap dish so far this year. You have seen how the changes in the weather have changed our soap choices, and now that summer is in full swing another change is here. What’s in our soap dish this July?

Summer Goat Milk Soap

On the first day of summer we brought back our Summer Goat Milk Soap. I really love this one! I am always excited to see it come back! This is the perfect soap for summer skin was it is made with aloe and green tea.  This soap only has the light scent of the green tea and is free of any essential oils, so there is nothing to possibly irritate sunburnt skin further. I spend so much time out the in sun, and while I try to be good, I don’t always keep up with my sunscreen, so I use this soap all summer long. This is in no way an alternative to sunblock, but it at least helps comfort my skin if I get too much sun.

Find Our Summer Goat Milk Soap Here

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