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What’s in our Soap Dish – June

The warmer weather is here! How will this weather change, change our soap dish? Read on to find out what’s in our soap dish this month!

Castile Goat Milk Soap

Our Castile Goat Milk Soap is making another appearance in our “Soap Dish” series. In January it was for it’s ability to moisturize during those really dry months. This time it’s because of it’s shave soap abilities. The Castile has a lotion like lather, giving you the perfect slick, smooth surface to shave with, and that moisture stays with you! So now that the shorts are coming out it’s time to bring out the Castile again!

Find our Castile Goat Milk Soap Here

Sunrise Citrus Goat Milk Soap

Our Sunrise Citrus Goat Milk Soap is the perfect soap to kick off your summer. It has a bright citrus scent that’s a great way to wake you up and start your day!

Find our Sunrise Citrus Goat Milk Soap Here

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