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The Soap Testers

We put our Goat Milk Soap and other products through rigorous testing before we make it available to the public. We don’t want to release a product that isn’t of the highest quality, so we take our soap testers’ and customers’ feedback very seriously.

When it comes to our soap we spent around six months developing the perfect recipe and then another few months having our soap testers use the soap and give us feedback. They gave us feedback on how the soap made their skin feel, and how they felt about the quality of the lather. If they had skin conditions they informed us of how the soap affected it. After about a year from when we first started to develop our unique recipe we finally felt that it was ready to roll out to the public.

When it came to our laundry detergent we wanted to make sure we had testers with all kinds of machines; new, old, top loader, high efficiency. We had them share their experience with different types of stains and how the detergent affected different types of clothing. A great deal of research had gone into the recipe of our goat milk laundry detergent, but feedback from our testers means so much when it comes to the final product.

This year we have several new products debuting and you better believe that we are putting each one of those products through the paces! You can always be assured that we won’t release a product that we don’t feel is perfect.

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