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Best Soaps for Teenagers

I cannot tell you how many times I have had an exasperated mother of a teenaged boy ask what soap works the best for teenagers. Teenagers have “special” soap needs. So which of our goat milk soaps do I suggest you purchase for your teenager?

What’s something all teenagers desperately need from their soap?…. A deodorizer. Am I wrong? We have two soaps that are awesome deodorizers, our Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap and our Coffee Goat Milk Soap. They are both great for neutralizing body odors.

The Coffee Goat Milk Soap, with it’s gritty lather, is also great for getting grease, grime, and dirt off their skin from whatever their hobby may be… Be it art, sports, shop, robotics, etc.

I highly recommend either of these soaps for your teenager!