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Making Bits and Pieces

Once a month or so I sit down and spend a day assembling our Bits and Pieces. Bits and Pieces are one pound grab bags of our goat milk soap.

Sometimes during the soap making process soaps get damaged. They get air bubbles, or dents. Sometimes they don’t make the weight that is stated on our package or we have leftover end pieces from cutting the bars from the loafs. All of these “less than perfect” soaps go into our Bits and Pieces in order to prevent waste. They are still great soaps. They just don’t meet the extremely high standards that we require of the soap that we sell as bars. We always try to include at least one full bar of soap and at least two scents. It’s a wonderful way to try different soaps at a discounted price!

If you would like to purchase a Bits and Pieces for yourself visit our Website!

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