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Going Nose Blind

We recently had a customer ask if we were using less essential oils in his favorite soap variety. This answer is of course no. We haven’t changed our recipe in any way. I tried to figure out why he might not be smelling his soap as strongly as he once did and the most obvious answer, the reason we ourselves can’t smell our soaps as strongly as we once could, for some reason didn’t immediately come to my mind, so I thought it might be a good topic to cover on the blog… Going Nose Blind…

When we are around a particular scent all the time we begin to ignore it. That is why you can’t smell your own house. When guests come over to our home they always comment about how wonderful it smells… probably because some of the soap is stored in the soap office. To us our house smells like an ordinary home that children live in (if you know what I mean). We can’t smell most of our soaps unless they are new or right up against our noses. While you aren’t exposed to our soaps at the same level that we are this can begin to happen to you if you are consistently using the same variety of soap. If you are used to our soap filling your bathroom with a lovely scent then it will likely always fill the room in the same way, but over time you will begin to notice it less and less. Your guest will get to enjoy the robust scent of the soap sitting in your bathroom in the way you used to whether you can smell it or not.

So how do you avoid going nose blind to your favorite scent? Switch up the soaps that you use! We have seventeen different permanent varieties for you to choose from, our seasonal varieties that come out throughout the year, and new varieties that we debut each year. If you are noticing that your favorite variety isn’t smelling as strong as you are used to, switch up the soap that you use for a bar or two and then go back. Your favorite soap will go back to smelling as strong and as lovely as you are used to!




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