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Follow The Freckled Farm in 2015

Now that both Kevin and I are putting a full time effort into the businesses you can expect to see us a lot more! In addition to introducing new products and vending at a lot more farmers’ market in 2015, we plan to really ramp up our social media presence…’ More Facebook, more Instagram, more blogs, and more Twitter!


Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with where you can find us, new products, see pictures from around the farm, and so much more!

Instagram: TheFreckledFarm

In 2015 I am undergoing a 365 project! I will post a picture from the farm everyday! See pictures of cute animals (including baby goats), projects around the farm, the farm through the seasons, the kids, etc.

The Blog

The blog is one of the best places to keep up with new products, specials, the farm and farm life, and more! We will have several blog series’ starting in the new year like our “Fun Farm Facts Friday,” and the return of “What’s Up Wednesday” where I highlight that week’s happenings around the farm and with The Freckled Farm Soap Company. We also be posting videos from around the farm… because who doesn’t love videos of goats? Subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post! It’s delivered directly to your email.

Twitter: FreckledFarm

Where all of the social media’s will come together! Want to follow the 365 project? Want to hear about new products and specials? What to keep up with what is going on around the farm… Follow us on Twitter!