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Bryce’s Favorite Soap

For the longest time Bryce used our Castile Goat Milk Soap because she had incredibly sensitive skin. If her clothes or sheets were not washed in a free and clear detergent she would break out in a horrible rash. She was able to use our Castile without any issues, so for her first year and a half of life that is what she used. We started testing small areas of her skin at around eighteen months and she never had a reaction to our soaps, even though she was still reacting to things like laundry detergent. She was able to use our full line of soaps without a problem, so we started to allow her to pick out her own soaps from the reject drawer (the drawer of soaps that have flaws or didn’t make weight that we can’t sell). She loves smelling the soaps, so it is always a treat for her to pick out a new one. Her favorite soap to use is the Sunrise Citrus. She absolutely loves the scent!

If you are interested in trying our Sunrise Citrus Goat Milk Soap or our Castile you can find them here.

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