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What’s Up Wednesday – May 20th

Whew! It’s been a hot week around here. I am really having to work hard to keep the plants happy. The goats have been going through several buckets of water a day… Where they normally need to be filled once a day, maybe twice, we are having to fill them at least three times a day and the girls are walking around panting. It’s May! What is August going to be like? I deal with the heat better than most (I love it actually) and even I have had some moments in the last few days where I was uncomfortable… Then I think back to the winter and I remember that this weather is much preferred!

All of our tomatoes are finally in the garden. I haven’t counted yet, but there are well over a hundred plants out there. We also have a one hundred square foot bed of sweet peppers completed. We are working on prepping the other sweet pepper bed now. That will hopefully be done by tonight or Thursday at the latest. We move on to the eggplant and okra bed after that.

The honeysuckle is blooming all over the farm. It’s one of my favorite scents of all time. It immediately transports me back to my childhood. I have always wanted to make a soap that is scented with honeysuckle, but because we only use essential oils we have never been able. A few years ago I attempted to make a honeysuckle infused oil, but made a few mistakes so it turned out horribly. I am trying again this year… so here’s hoping I can make it work. If so, we may be able to make a small batch containing this amazing spring scent.

At the end of this week the baby goats start to go to their new homes. It’s bittersweet to see them go, but they are going to great homes where they will be spoiled and loved!

Finally, we will be back at the West End Farmers Market this week! So Saturday you can find us there and at South of the James. There will only be a handful of weekends this summer where we will be missing from West End, so Kevin and I can photograph a wedding together.

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