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What’s in our Soap Dish – May

Which of our goat milk soaps will you find in our soap dish in May? Read on to find out!

Coffee Goat Milk Soap

In May, Coffee is our go to soap! The garden is in bloom, plants are popping up all over the place, and we are spending hours a day with our hands in the dirt. The dirt gets into the cracks and crevasses of your hand and begins to stain your skin. Most soaps don’t do the job of getting your hands back to normal. They may help to the get surface dirt off and to moisturize, but in order to get that deep dirt out of the cracks of your hands you need something that’s nice and scrubby! That’s where our coffee soap comes in! It’s great for getting off dirt making it the perfect soap for gardeners.

Find our Coffee Goat Milk Soap Here

Lemongrass Green Tea Goat Milk Soap

Mosquito season is here… unfortunately. They are awful to deal with and people often resort to putting chemical insect repellents on their skin to avoid being bitten. If you are trying to avoid this chemical exposure essentials oils like lemongrass might be an option for you! Lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent, whether it is planted around your home or put on your skin in the essential oil form (never apply straight essential oils directly to your skin). Our Lemongrass Green Tea Goat Milk Soap is a great way to help deter mosquitos naturally. We use it a lot this time of year, as we spend most of our time outside.

Find our Lemongrass Green Tea Goat Milk Soap Here

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